Oversize Load Trucking in Moose Jaw

When you have a larger than average cargo that needs hauling, Kardash Carriers has you covered. Our team of qualified drivers has the experience and resources to complete your wide load trucking perfectly. What’s more, we are proud to provide our dependable hauling at affordable rates and with the utmost dedication to customer service. We go the extra mile to ensure that your delivery arrives on time and in perfect condition. Give us a call at (306) 527-6598 to learn more about our top-notch oversize load trucking.

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A Wide Load Trucking Company That Goes Above and Beyond

Keep things moving with our comprehensive wide load trucking services. Our oversize load truck is equipped to handle even the largest and oddly shaped cargo. We handle all necessary regulations and precautions involved in your shipment. We carefully and legally transport your oversized load to its destination cost-efficiently and promptly.

We can transport the following oversized loads:

  • Wide, long or tall freight
  • Heavy haul shipments
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Boats
  • Bulldozers, steel structures
  • And more

An Oversize Load Trucking Company with the Best Tools for the Job

If you have bigger than average cargo that needs transporting, the average truck just won’t cut it. Instead, place your trust in the specialized equipment from Kardash Carriers. We specialize in oversized loads, so you can put your faith in us to complete your delivery safely and properly. We can even assist with loading and unloading your extra-large cargo. Our high-quality equipment makes us the best choice for reliable oversize hauling.

Oversized Cargo Delivered without the Hassle

Not only do we have the capacity to transport your oversized payloads, but we also make sure it arrives when you need it. Keep your operations running smoothly, thanks to our punctual and consistent deliveries. Our experience with oversize trucking and our knowledge of logistics allows us to take everything into account and complete your shipping with great efficiency.

Protect Your Shipments with Our Secure Trucking Services

When searching for a company that can accommodate your oversized delivery, it is important to find a team that will get your shipment to its destination in perfect condition. Lucky for you, we have an impressive track record of safe and sound deliveries. Our highly trained staff will take all of the necessary precautions to make sure your wide load trucking is completed without a hitch.

The Best Rates on Oversize Hauling

We are proud to offer our top-notch wide load hauling at affordable prices. Keep your operations running smoothly without hurting your bottom line, thanks to our trustworthy rates.

Call Us Today for Wide Load Trucking

If you need a company that can handle your large than average cargo, look no further than Kardash Carriers. From managing permits and restriction policies to route planning and safe transport, we are the logistics team you want to work with. Call us now at (306) 527-6598 for more information on our professional hauling.